Hopkins Open Access Promotion Fund Recipients & THE LAST GREAT THING

Starting back in October, 2012 Johns Hopkins announced an Open Access initiative that would assist JHU authors with publishing in Open Access journals. It seems that our initiative has taken off. Here's a list of recipients and more information on OA. Interested? Intrigued? There's a link to the online application.

Many thanks to Robin Sinn and the Scholarly Communications Group for passing this along, and for the great work SCG does with making the Hopkins community aware of Open Access. As they say right on their page: "knowledge for the world."



As I mentioned before, the LAST GREAT THING doesn't have to be the last disease you found a cure for, and it doesn't have to be a monumental event in your life. I'm just looking for some of those small, little "miracle moments" that happen to each of us. Of course if you DO happen to cure the common cold, we'd love to hear about it. Otherwise, I hope everyone enjoys the smaller events that make up our day-to-day lives.

This LAST GREAT THING was contributed by my pal and Welch Service Center co-worker Chris Henry (who also plays a MEAN piano). Chris looks at the wonders of fatherhood. 

"Recently, my sons and I sat down to watch some classic Looney Tunes cartoons. I get such a charge watching my 11 yr. old laugh so hard he forgets to breathe, and also my 7 yr. old, who afterwards goes around quoting some of the lines or humming the music. I plead with him not to go and call anybody at school a "maroon!" (according to the Urban Dictionary, this is a mispronunciation of "moron") 

revel in the fact that I laugh at these things almost as much now as I probably ever did before. It's always nice to see the impact of something you loved, that hasn't been diminished with time. I don't (try my hardest not to) hoist my likes or dislikes upon my sons. And I'm continually thrilled when we are in communion with certain things, in this case, our senses of humor. God help them both!"



If you have a LAST GREAT THING you'd like to share, feel free to send it my way.

Alonzo LaMont


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