Hopkins Research Community: New Inventions Daily


It seems as though that with each passing day, something new gets invented. One day someone at Hopkins assists NASA with stethoscopes, and in no time at all they’re finding some way to help prevent the accidental death of children in hot cars. It was just a few full moons ago that the Abell Foundation awarded three Hopkins researchers with a sizable grant for ---- medical inventions!

When you combine the “usual amount” of studies (I just tweeted about this one on prostate cancer, the opening paragraph makes too much sense for words) about newly discovered aspects surrounding our everyday experience (a little arsenic in chicken is a little too much arsenic period) and it’s enough to make you stop and re-group. Mind you, I’m not cherry-picking these stories, it’s just that working in social media and especially at Hopkins this variety of new information routinely shows up. They make the rounds on a pretty normal cycle.

Ultimately, what you may surmise is that you’re working in a hotbed for new discoveries. I’m not referring to the nickel-and-dime garden variety new thing. These stories reflect an attachment to improving the everyday world. Didn’t hear about the world’s first global topographical map of  Saturn’s moon Titan? Or maybe you heard about this one earlier this month. At Hopkins you could be walking next to “One Of The World’s 100 Most Influential People”. Because…..well, you’re at Johns Hopkins. Medical stars are like lemon drops hanging from the lemon candy tree. I could go on, but I think you get the point. 


Alonzo LaMont


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