Hopkins Scholarly Communications & Open Access Highlights

This week "Open Access" has been front and center in our communications activities. Though we're having fun with our information table road trips around campus, patrons are very inquisitive, curious and impressed with the current state of Open Access progress. I think that's how it goes with movements, once people hear about what's being done and what's been achieved, that little smile starts to make it's way out. Here's another blurb from the Hopkins Scholarly Communications, you can see the Institutions that have mandated that their journals be free and available to the public. Also, you get a larger sense of Open Access initiatives around the globe.

And here's a blurb from the Genome Web about OA gaining ground on the big boys.

Yesterday at the Pre-Clinical Teaching Bldg, our illustrious School of Medicine Associate Dean Mary Foy was quite impressed with the info we passed along about Open Access. We were right outside a seminar she was attending, and I think we took her by surprise. Ever the good sport, she listened and agreed to take some handouts to "spread the word". Big Thanks Mary! 


Informationist Rob Wright works his magic on a patron who asked a variety of questions. But afterwards, Rob had "armed her" with Welch remote login-in, a few database searching nuggets and passed along info about who her Informationist was at Welch. I took time from my busy Noodlerolla Truck fish taco to snap a pic. Once again, Alonzo does all the hard work----Informationist gets all the credit.


This gent somewhat shyly, (at first)  took a handout, then a Welch pencil, then some candy, then a bag. When we tell patrons to "go for it," we mean GO FOR IT.


Today the Open Access Tour is at the School of Nursing from 12:00 - 2:00. 


Alonzo LaMont


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