How does Welch decide which e-books to purchase?

Did you know you may have chosen an e-book that was added to the Welch collection without even knowing it? “Demand-Driven-Acquisitions” is one of the newer approaches Welch uses to develop the online book collection.

How does it work? We develop a profile with an e-book vendor of the books we want by discipline, specialty, date of publication or publisher. The vendor provides us with catalog records for the titles that fit our profile. We put those records in the JHU online catalog but we don’t own the books. When a Hopkins reader searches the catalog, finds a book of interest, clicks on the link to the book and then reads the book -- that’s when Welch buys that book. This approach lets us focus our spending on buying books we know our users are reading.

Below is an example of the top 10 reads from e-books we bought from R2Digital via Demand-Driven-Acquisitions and the number of times they were downloaded in the last 6 months.

1.       BASIC BIOSTATISTICS                                                                                                     2274

2.       INFECTIOUS DISEASE EPIDEMIOLOGY                                                                     632

3.       EPIDEMIOLOGY                                                                                                                444

4.       2015-2017 PERIANESTHESIA NURSING STANDARDS,                                        420

5.       ESSENTIALS OF NURSING RESEARCH                                                                       287

6.       MIDDLE RANGE THEORY FOR NURSING                                                                 273


8.       THE ICU BOOK                                                                                                                   212

9.       ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR IN HEALTH CARE                                                  203

10.   CASE FILES™ NEUROLOGY                                                                                            199

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