How Hopkins Was Built & The Achievements of William Henry Welch

With these wonderfully cool and breezy summer temperatures, who doesn’t want to embrace some summer reading.

In case you’re craving some little Johns Hopkins History, here’s an interesting read on how the hospital was actually created. Hint: it involves  an insane-asylum. Have you been curious about our Four Founding Physicians? (Seen below)










Well don’t put off that adventure quest any longer, there’s a great story about them awaiting your curiosity. And what about the founder of the Welch Library, William Henry Welch? (also below)










Take your pick from our catalog if you’d like to catch up with all of William’s great adventures. If that historical Hopkins “itch” still needs to be scratched, go exploring through the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives. And if that isn’t enough, take a moment to read about Mary Elizabeth Garrett and  her legacy with Johns Hopkins.

There’s a lot of summer left. You’ve still got time to explore.



Alonzo LaMont


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