Jaime Blanck Works Magic @ GIM Rounds - The Pic Says It All

I played tagalong with Clinical Informationist Jaime Blanck the other day. She was having a round with a couple folks in General Internal Medicine. The topic was gastroparesis and it's treatment. Jaime was hunting down articles, studies and facilitating searches into PubMed and Embase. Amazingly, the available information on gastroparesis left everyone in attendance shaking their heads. Let's just say it's been severely "under-studied" up to this point.

Watching Jaime provided a very clear glimpse into the design, purpose and approach that Informationists undertake on a daily basis. They're there to facilitate searches and provide a more direct and thorough investigation. It's a much easier process to sit down with someone who's already taken the time to perform your search----someone who's already done "the heavy lifting," allowing you, as the healthcare professional, to direct your time and energy more efficiently. (Jaime's the one in the middle)

Alonzo LaMont



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