Journal Costs At Johns Hopkins & A Visit To The School of Nursing

Our final Open Access Information Table at the School of Nursing was pure delight. Patrons were aware of the issues with Open Access, and when offered a few more details the conversations took off. The Scholarly Communications gang at Homewood now has a page listing the most expensive journal costs. That's some heap big moola. Scroll down a little and you can see the list of Johns Hopkins memberships in OA, and what is provided. 

Hopefully, later in November we'll be speaking with School of Medicine Associate Professor Michael Barone. He's the first winner of the Johns Hopkins Libraries Open Access Promotion Fund.

Here are some great faces we captured from the School of Nursing.....below is Tracey Adams who approached with "can I give you some feedback?" Don't you anticipate the worst when you hear that intro? We did. But----au contraire----Tracey Adams blurted out "I JUST LOVE YOUR E-BOOKS!" With compliments like that---Tracey, we're loving you right back. (And thanks for letting me take your iPad for a test drive). Tracey is standing and that's Informationist Carrie Price (sitting) making nice, and dispensing Library Knowledge left and right. 



"What are you guys table-ing?" 2nd time I heard "table-ing" this week. 


I think this speaks for itself. Obviously, the fun level at SON has it's own barometer. Sr. Research Nurse Sandy Swoboda and Clinical Instructor Maggie Neal are bringing a lil Fiesta. Can't quite figure out the holiday they're celebrating though. (Kidding!!)


"Do you mind if I take another bag?" A repeat offender. But with a smile like that, we'll allow it. 


Alonzo LaMont

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