Launch of F1000Research & "LAST GREAT THING" SAMPLES

Happy to announce the "Grand Opening" of F1000Research. What they are and who they serve questions are addressed right here:

"F1000Research is an original open access publishing program for life scientists, offering immediate publication, transparent peer review (post-publication) and full data deposition and sharing. All scientifically sound articles are accepted, including single findings, case reports, protocols, replications, null/negative results and more traditional articles."

Keep scrolling to the bottom for all the Discussions and Articles.................. 


And now for something completely different......taking from our Welch Facebook "LAST GREAT THING" post (what was the last great thing you read, saw, experienced) which drew alot of attention, we're going to try a little of the same. Consider it our Premiere. How far it goes or lasts? Who knows!  

Jaime Blanck, part of our dazzling core of Informationist posse, offered up "Being Human" BUT ONLY THE UK VERSION. Did you hear the shout in my voice? Jaime defined it as an amalgamation of "blood, gore, tension and romance". 


And it's got......(dare I use "THE V Word") those joyful nocturnal deviants who seem to be in every movie or TV series these days, along with a few other "special people". Jaime seemed positively bewitched when she described it, (maybe somebody should do a little background check on Jaime) so I'm going with her call. Switching gears, Katie Lobner, from the same "Info Posse", recommended "Mr. Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore," which she proclaimed was chockful of "all kinds of geekyness. Book geek. Hacker geek. Knitting geek------and a secret society to boot". I know, I know----it's the knitting that scares me the most, too. 



Those are our two start-ups. If you'd like to peruse the "Last Great Thing" site, feel free, I don't think it's still active---but you'll enjoy the samples. "But Alonzo," (you ask) "what's your LAST GREAT THING?" I have to say, with all due modesty, it was the joy of finishing my latest play, "B-Side Man" (excerpts on my own blog) just in time to submit to the Baker Awards. It's always a zillion-to-one shot with winning an award or a grant---but we all do what we must do. 

So if you have your LAST GREAT THING, send it my way (yes, that e-mail goes straight to me!) with comments, feelings, sensory dynamics----however you want to describe it.

Alonzo LaMont



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