Libraries and Ideas

How refreshing it was to spend a little "quality Podcast time" with JHU President Daniels and co-Host Victoria Goode. All too seldom the conversational exchange of ideas becomes a luxury that's a bit MIA from our daily routines. It was a pleasure to speak with the President on the current and future status of Libraries. He not only referenced the Hopkins Libraries, but also of his recollection of time spent in Law Libraries. He spoke of this time with the voice of someone who loved and appreciated all the "wonder," and all the "ah-ha" moments behind searching for and finding the right materials. I'm pretty certain this comes through on the Podcast. This Podcast is a little longer than usual, but well worth the investment. 


I've already thanked everyone involved with getting this Podcast done. From the President's Assistants (Jodi Miller and Hilary Roxe) to the School of Public Health Audio team of Dominic Delauney and Joseph O'Hagan. Also, a great big thanks goes to my partner-in-crime, Welch Informationist Victoria Goode.

(President Daniels far right, Victoria left, Alonzo center)



Same crew, and yes he really, really did make us laugh.


Alonzo LaMont

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