Library Service Center VS. Welch Service Center --- The Mystery Is Solved

Now, this isn't exactly the "Bermuda Triangle" of mysteries we're speaking about. It's simply a matter of clearing up what may be a slight confusion.

Let's look at the two "parties" involved: The Libraries Service Center and the Welch Service Center.....

Did you think they were both the same place? Have you come over to Welch to pick up an item thinking it was the Libraries Service Center?

Didn't you think to yourself ---


These are two very different locations, and require different responses in order to get your materials.

When searching for an item and you see the message (below):

It means your book is at the Library Service Center, also known as the LSC – this is a repository of old or rarely used journals, books and audiovisuals. You can’t go to the LSC, (it’s located waaaaay off-campus) but you can place a request and have your items arrive at the nearest pick-up location on campus. 

Now….when searching for an item and you see THIS message (below)...

it means your item is at the “Welch Service Center”, also known as the WSC which is located in the Basement or Lower Level of the Welch Medical Library. The WSC is the activity hub and multi-service point of the Welch Medical Library. 

To summarize: These are two very different places and locations. But when you're busy multi-tasking and being busy as-all-get/out, who's got time to worry about these small bumps in the information road. No problems, because that's why we're here. To sort it out and get you headed in the right direction. If you talk to our Service Center Staff, they'll be sure to assist with any questions you may have.  

As for that other mystery, we're still working on why all those boats disappear in the Triangle. But we're still going with that "alien encounters" theory.  


The Welch Library Communications Team 


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