A Little Patron Appreciation

At the Welch Library we try our best to make you, our patrons, aware of the many services and resources we provide.  We try and keep you “in the loop” about the changes to classes, database updates, journal access issues and all the helpful items of information we can get our hands on. Does this make us special? No. You are the special ones. You’re the ones who, possibly in the middle of a very busy day, stop by one of our information tables to make an inquiry. You’re the ones who contact us when you’re probably in the midst of some mind-boogling-multi-tasking marathon. And, you’re the ones who, from time to time, pass along a compliment or two. I mentioned in one of my recent Welch TIP OF THE DAY posts how supportive folks were when I last visited (this past week) the School of Public Health. This wasn’t a singular event, I try and host information tables monthly around campus. Whether it’s the Armstrong Building (we’re up there on the 2nd floor), the School of Nursing (usually our table is right there by the main entrance), Public Health (by the Monument Street entrance), the MRB (the elevator lobby by the Daily Grind) or the Pre-Clinical Teaching Building (across from the café). There we are front and center. We’re still the library that’s “wherever you are,” that’s what it still says on our pencils.  When you see our table you can come get some free giveaways --- candies, pencils, Welch library bags and you can enter  our giveaway Welch T-Shirt raffle. It’s a delight getting out and about around campus. 

(Below, in the School of Public Health, here’s Ph.D student Stephanie Fowler who’s excited-as-all-get-out to be in the MPH program, is from Tampa, Florida. She loves the changing seasons and quirkness of Baltimore. I know Stephanie, Baltimore is heavy on quirky. Stephanie was also very curious about all-things-Welch)                         


Around campus, you get a very authentic feel about how our users regard the library. They may not venture into the building like they used to, but my goodness, they do have opinions. Not always about Welch, but certainly about the path libraries, in general, are headed. Some love all the available online “bells and whistles” resources. Others yearn for the days when books ruled the landscape. And they mean BOOKS, not Kindles. Either way, I enjoy the conversations. You can’t help but smile at the passion of patrons who seem to love giving their private and public musings about their interpretation of libraries. 

(Also in the SPH (below) Bess Lewis is a Ph.d student from Iowa. Bess had many questions and didn’t just stop by----She stayed and chatted AND CHATTED about the library --- Bess loved all our giveaway stuff. And was very curious about our renovations)


And this goes back to why you’re the special ones. You always seem to have us in your sights. We’re either directly in your vision or maybe you’re peeking at us in your rear-view mirror. But you seem to want the library within “your vicinity”. You rely on us, and you’re there to follow and chart our new renovation journey. (Below, the West Reading Room is now completely naked)     

(And below, the East Reading Room is cleaned out)


It’s our patrons who create such a sense of community. It’s our patrons who have such a sense of investment. This makes you the real stars. Sure, we may be doing most of the leg-work, but it’s you who make it all worthwhile. Can you feel that great big patron pat on the back that just came your way? It’s genuine. And it’s real. Why? Because it’s you who deserve OUR appreciation.  


Alonzo LaMont



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