Looking Back At The Welch Medical Library

As we move further into our renovations, everyone seems to feel a bit reflective. So let’s take a look back as the Welch Library. Here’s a timeline that highlights some Welch Library history. As you read through, you’ll come away with a few insights into the evolution of Johns Hopkins. Also ----staying back in time ---- we thought you’d enjoy the Welch Library East Reading Room from the 1930's.


A quiet moment, to be sure. I’m guessing they didn’t have computers back then. And not a cell phone to be found. I have to admit, this looks positively serene. And what did our exterior look like? Here’s the exterior of the Library during that same time period. Monument Street has certainly changed a wee bit. (Where's all the traffic?!)


And, if you think Welch was just a Library, think again! Dinner anyone?

That's Dr. Victor McKusick, sitting directly under the portrait, enjoying a meal with colleagues. That's the famous portrait of the four Hopkins Founders. This is the West Reading Room.

Many thanks to Tim Wisniewski at the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives for his assistance. All images are courtesy of the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. Have a happy holidays everyone, and stay safe.


Alonzo LaMont



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