Love For The School Of Nursing

As much as I try to be aware of all of the daily activities throughout Hopkins, I always feel as though the School of Nursing (and Nurses in general) sometimes get the short end of the communications stick. Somehow all their good work just doesn’t get the loud HOORAY that it should. So let’s showcase this wonderful collaboration between the School of Nursing, Hopkins School of Education and Baltimore City that’s about to have an official unveiling this coming January. 

From the sound of things, this is a far cry from the days when you were sent to the school nurse for a band-aid. A little investigation reveals that Morgan State University also joined in the collaborative festivities. This program takes a more preventive approach in terms of addressing healthy initiatives, all of which are neatly summed up by Kari Frisch, program manager at the School of Nursing:  “…….. the school’s model will follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s coordinated school health program strategy, which has eight components, Frisch explains: health education; physical education; health services; nutrition services; counseling and social services; a healthy and safe school environment; health promotion for the staff; and family and community involvement.”

So let’s wish the Henderson-Hopkins partnership smooth days ahead. And while we’re at it, it’s certainly not too late to welcome aboard Patricia Davidson, the new Dean for the School of Nursing. And on another School of Nursing note, here’s some news that addresses challenges for the elderly ---- specifically, the CAPABLE Project, making their homes more accessible for them to “age in place.” I’d like to proudly announce (Marching Band! Trumpets! Release The Doves!) that several Welch Informationists are also hard at work on the CAPABLE Project.       

Finally, (and we posted this on our Welch Facebook page a wee while ago) if you know of a Nurse who you’d like to nominate for the “Cynthia and Peter Rosenwald Star Nurse of the Year Award” --- now’s your chance! But as I mentioned on Facebook, aren’t all Nurses stars anyway?

That’s a few School of Nursing updates. I’m sure they’ll be more down the road. We’ll be ready when they show up.


Alonzo LaMont  

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