"MINDFULNESS" As An Intervention Tool

A recent Hopkins study (along with several other institutions) identified “Mindfulness” as an intervention calming agent when applied to urban youth in schools. In this instance yoga was introduced as the Mindful activity. As much as we can’t resist the temptation to view this as just another instance of modern day touch-feely, (what? You say it's just me that can’t resist this temptation?), Mindfulness has been around for centuries, and lately it's popping up in therapeutic arenas left and right. Being Mindful has even morphed into the digital world. What does it relay to you? Are there opportunities to apply it in your daily life? Of course! I do it in my own. 

No I don’t go out and sit on mountaintops. But, when as I walk around the east Baltimore campus, I’ve learned to take a few moments just to stop. I stop and raise my head up from all the surrounding concrete and human jibber-jabber. Frequently, it’s something that’s right above us (or next to us) that can separate the moments in our day. “Separate from what?” you say. From all that anxiety we’ve learned to live with and incorporate into our work life. How can you tell if it’s incorporated? A sure sign would be how you describe the tasks you have on any single day. Do you find yourself relating them with rolled eyes, with an exasperated voice, are you conveying to your peers how MUCH work you have to do and how doggedly incompetent is your supervisor. Have your interactions with others turned into one, long, droning Downer of a continuously long hourly, daily, weekly, monthly Rant. Is there something that give you any release on a daily basis? Anything?  

Go get yourself some mindfulness, my friends.   


Alonzo LaMont


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