Miscellaneous Goodies

These are just a few odds and ends that October has brought our way.

The other day a patron inquired about “why isn’t there a tutorial or something for searching Catalyst?” Ahhhhh yes, and here it is! “Welcome To Catalyst” gives you a tour on how Catalyst operates.

Our new Director, Anne Seymour, discovered --- much to our surprise --- that there is ANOTHER WELCH LIBRARY. It’s at Welch College in Nashville. It’s almost deja-vu!

But don’t worry, we have an entirely different staff --- and something tells me we probably have different visitors. At least I haven’t seen a patron like the one below roaming the stacks.


That’s “Mr. Possum” and I’m assuming this isn’t his selfie. (I could be wrong) He made "the other Welch" library's facebook page. Veeeeeeery sweet.  But I have to ask: what’s up with that dietary regimen, Mr. Possum? Hope that’s just a “special treat” and not your everyday go-to meal.  


Around the east Baltimore Campus ---- didja know that a spanking new Atwater’s has opened! How do I know? Because I’m sitting here devouring a slice of carrot cake, AS WE SPEAK, my friend. If you haven’t tasted one of their sandwiches, skip a trip to the market and adventure down their way. Was that a plug? No, I’m just giving directions.

As seen on Facebook, Atwater's vegetarian Greek sandwich features farm fresh tomatoes, marinated cucumbers, red onion, leaf lettuce, and a feta olive zucchini spread held together by kalamata olive bread.

Following up on our recent Latest News post --- “I Am A Dolphin” is making a name for itself  on iTunes.And finally, just a reminder that if you’re returning a book, have requested a book, need to pick up a WELDOC (inter-library loan) request, or need help with library directions --- make the Welch Service Center Desk in (B-03, on the lower level)  your first stop. Our Service Center Staff (that's our own Christopher Henry, bottom left) will be glad to help out. 


Alonzo LaMont




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