More "Welch Library Open Access Road Tour"

There we were yesterday, leading the "Open Access" parade down at the Armstrong Building. Even though Victoria Goode and Yours Truly arrived a little late, we drew a crowd. Actually, we drew a THRONG. A mob. And know what else? People were happy to see us. Like we were some lost platoon that had found our way to the fort. Folks had questions about Welch, of course. But also, many made inquiries about Open Access, something they'd heard about but didn't have any juicy hard facts. We passed along our sentiments and handouts LOADED with hard facts.

In the end, Victoria and I wondered if it was really US or was it the free Sweet Tarts and candy. Hold that thought, pilgrim----you KNOW it was soooooo ABOUT US!





Thanks to everyone who stopped by. We LOVE the appreciation. Look for us to be in Armstrong on a more regular, monthly basis. Not just for any specific promotion, but because it'll help all parties feel a bit more connected. There are many patrons who still don't know what we provide, and how it could impact their student research/study life. So here-we's-a-coming Armstrong!    


Alonzo LaMont

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