National Nurses "Appreciation" Week

It’s actually “National Nurses Week,” we added the “appreciation,” and for good reason. On a daily basis you can see first hand the incredible work, dedication and passion that our own nurses make right here at Johns Hopkins. Our School of Nursing (SON) dutifully prepares nursing students for all the impossible challenges they are sure to face. A quick look at a few facts about SON reveal their incredible level of ongoing excellence. But why take our word for it, just listen to the conviction and dedication of a few Hopkins nursing students. 

The always-full-schedule, plus the time and energy required of nurses would make most of us take a deep, deep breath. Yet they manage to fulfill a continuous workload that requires so much more than providing medication and keeping charts. If you multiply nurses around the world struggling to perform in less than ideal conditions, and factor in the remote locations and the variety of barriers that may stand in the way  --- then adding “appreciation” seems like a very small word to add.  







Read a few quotes about how others view the importance of nurses, and even though a few are funny, you get a true sense of the vital role they play in the health and well-being of everyone they touch.

So if a nurse crosses your path this week. Or any week! Maybe take a moment to just say “thanks.” Sometimes a little “appreciation” goes a long way.


The Welch Library Communications Team

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