New Library Resources & Who's Who At Welch

As you can see, we have new resources that have been added in the last 31 days. But who’s counting.

We like to keep patrons updated on what’s new and available, and our collection doesn’t remain static, it grows and evolves.  

Also, we’d like you to know about the many components that make up the Library. We’re not just a building, we’re many people working, mostly behind the scenes, to keep your Library resources front and center. We’re trying our best to make your interaction with Welch, whether online or in-person, a first-rate experience.

Take a look at our Staff Directory. 

See a person or Department you need to contact? We’re all right here. And we’re all supported by our crackerjack Advanced Technology & Information Systems (ATIS) team. You’ll be hearing from our new Director for ATIS, David Kennedy, in an upcoming Podcast. If you have a question and you’re a bit unsure who to contact, there are a couple of options available. Here are several right on our homepage:

If you’re just starting school, or even if you’ve been here for awhile, everything can be very intimidating. There’s an enormous amount of information to process, directions to remember and instructions to jot down. And all of this could be happening simultaneously! The bottom line is --- we want your Welch Library interactions to be as seamless and productive as possible.


The Welch Library Communications Team


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