New Pediatrics Article Co-Authored By Welch Informationists

Congratulations (!!!) to our very own Public Health Informationist Margaret (Peggy) Gross and Clinical Informationist Carrie Price for working long and hard on this new article. Their names are listed as Co-Authors and highlighted (in gray) below. (Gross M, Price C)

And here's the article.

Peggy and Carrie are not alone, as ALL of our Informationists collaborate on many research projects, and work with a variety of Departments. Co-Authoring is just one of the ways Informationists serve the Hopkins community. “What are the other ways?” you may ask. Take a minute to look at the full-range of services Informationists provide. And, if you’re curious about the nature of the Welch Library Informationist program, here’s a bit more information.

They say “it’s not bragging if you can back it up,” and achievements like this certainly “back-up” the valuable contributions our Informationists offer on a daily basis. Are you wondering who your Informationist might be? From this page select your Department or affiliation and wonder no longer, my friends.


We’ll be sure to pass along other milestones as they come to our attention. But for now, let’s just say we’re doing a little happy dance.   


The Welch Library Communications Team

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