As A New School Year Swings Into View








The joys of a new school year are upon us! There’s a nervous excitement in the air. For many, a door is about to open. There will be an entirely new group of people entering the east Baltimore campus. They’ll have Orientations, meet-ups and everyone will be “finding their way” around the Hopkins medical campus. 

Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, we invite one and all to take a look at what the Welch Library offers. Our “reDISCOVER” campaign succinctly spells out what we can bring to your educational and learning experience. 

Also, take a minute to look over our library webpage. Our classes cover a wide-range of resources, and to say they’re popular would be an understatement. Translation --- don’t wait to sign up! While you’re perusing our site, don’t forget to find your Informationist.

Want a few facts about the Welch Library Collections. Well our electronic collection includes more than 7,000 electronic journals, more than 400 databases, more than 11,000 e-books and more than 2,000 videos. 

And if you’ve got questions swirling everywhere you turn, our Welch FAQ page has got answers. If you can’t find the answer there --- our contact info is featured on our webpage, go ahead and give us a shout (by e-mail or phone). We also have a robust social media component. Take a glance at our social media page and team

Once you “get your bearings,” come on over for a visit. Our recent renovations make our 2nd floor THEE ideal study space on campus. Don’t take my word for it, stop over and decide for yourself.

The moral of our blog today is: don’t be a stranger. Whatever research you’re doing, it’s hard to get away from us. You may not even come to our webpage, or physically enter the library but you’ll still be using journals, databases or ebooks that the Library provides. You’re bound to end up using our resources sooner, rather than later. Many patrons don’t come to the library, or go to our webpage but they’re VERY aware of our presence. All this is just to say.....we’re here for you.

And while you’re gearing up for a new year, remember this quote from Philosopher John Dewey….

The Welch Library Communications Team




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