New Tools And Ideas For Open Access And Data


Utilizing a wider global perspective and vision, author Shannon Bohle provides a broader lens to examine Open Access and Open Data. As the article states, “According to an article published in The Harvard Business Review’s HBR Blog Network, “….open data has little value if people can't use it. Indeed, the goal is for this data to become actionable intelligence: a launchpad for investigation, analysis, triangulation, and improved decision making at all levels.”

Though some portions of this article are a little hard to view (tiny print alert!), it’s worth investigating particularly with regards to the suggested potential utilization of big data. Also, the author offers a short “sidebar” into the possible future merging of big data with artificial intelligence.  And the role of librarians in all this, you may ask?  According to Ms. Bohle, Librarians are at the epi-center for Open Access and Open Data: “Librarians and archivists have key roles to play in not only storing data, but packaging it for proper accessibility and use, including adding descriptive metadata and linking to existing tools or designing new ones for their users.” 



Alonzo LaMont

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