New Video Discusses Hopkins Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Initiative

David Reynolds, Scholarly Digital Initiatives Specialist, chats about Johns Hopkins new Electronic Thesis and Dissertation initiative (ETD). Welch Informationist Victoria Goode and Communications Specialist Alonzo LaMont provide the Q&A. You can see it all here. 


1:00 – What does ETD mean for Hopkins?

1:33 – What are the benefits?

2:38 – History of the Initiative

3:34 – Who does ETD impact?

4:10 – How has it been received?

5:30 – Suggested action

7:10 – The submission process

10:35 – Recommendations for submitting in Spring, 2014

What's that? You say you haven't been to the Welch YouTube Channel? Haven't seen all our helpful Tutorials? It's never too late.

Alonzo LaMont


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