NIH Public Access Policy Webinar - March 5th

Our freezing February will eventually give way to March. Will it be warmer? Can we walk around with only a single layer of clothing? One can only hope. Ahhhh, but here’s news about an upcoming event you don’t have to hope for --- its real --- and headed straight your way.  


NCBI is offering a webinar on the NIH Public Access Policy. This policy requires scientists to make the results of their NIH-funded research publicly available in PubMed Central, the National Library of Medicine's digital archive.

Here's the webinar's full description:

“This webinar will outline how to use My NCBI to report public access policy compliance for NIH grant holders. Topics will include the NIH Public Access Policy, NIHMS and PubMed Central submissions, creating My NCBI accounts, use of My Bibliography to report compliance to eRA commons, and using SciENcv to create biosketches.”

Webinars like this don’t grow on trees. So take a second and plug this info right into your favorite gadget. Send yourself a pop-up, an e-mail, something with a nice little PING. Whatever choice you make, don’t forget that FIRST: you have to register. 

In addition to participating in this webinar, you can visit the Welch Library's NIH Public Access Policy LibGuide for information about compliance. 

Alonzo LaMont

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