Observations On Google Scholar & Web of Science Updates

Here we go dashing into 2014. Happy New Year Everyone! As I say every year ---- this year promises to be the best year ever! And by golly, we're having one of the BEST cold weather weeks in years, decades! am I right?  


Ahhhh, Twitter. Where voices, thoughts and ideas co-mingle in a cacophony of atonal chaos. It’s always best to have a clear purpose regarding the information you need, or you may wind up taking a detour to---say---the 5 best Artisans Gins To Sip. What? Only 5? I’m sure there’s much to be said for craft gin, but let’s stay on a familiar highway.


Recently, we’ve posted several stories in our latest news that could use some follow-up. An article about Google Scholar found it’s way to us, and we’ve found another article that also examines Google Scholar, and we’ve located an investigation, or two, of Google Scholar vs. Pubmed. And, if you’re so inclined there’s still more to discover. Ultimately, it all boils down to what works best for you. Much like craft gin, perhaps more than one fits the bill.


Web of Science made news with its “more intuitive search experience.” And because there may be some who are new to the citation management experience, we’re passing along some history that also combs through the WOS relationship with Google Scholar. It’s almost like they’re partners.


Some of you may be aware of all this info, but we’ve found that there’s no harm in repetition. Students, faculty and researchers are always arriving at their destinations in different zones. What’s new gets old real fast in cyberspace, and if you blink, it’s gone. You can easily get lost in “selfies”, or pursue exciting stories that fascinate and absorb you into a world of research and discovery you never knew existed. I’m happy to say, the choice is easier than you think.


Alonzo LaMont



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