Online SCIENCE Has A Fancy New Relaunch

Take a look at the newly relaunched online SCIENCE page, and you’ll see they’ve pulled out all the stops to create a better product. That’s not just our take on it. Here’s what Marcia McNutt, Editor-In-chief of the SCIENCE family of journals, has to say:

“Like living creatures, websites continually evolve, adding on new features and adapting to the world around them. In some ways, the Internet is a jungle, and only the fittest there survive. To that end, I’m proud to announce Science’s version of the Cambrian explosion: a complete redesign of the AAAS flagship journal’s research, news and careers online content. As part of this evolution, we built upon the successes of our relatives, Science SignalingScience Advances, and Science Translation Medicine, whose websites previewed some of the design choices encoded in Science’s new digital DNA. Working with our partner Highwire Press, we’ve redesigned Science’s online presence to present a more unified look across the journal’s offerings and to begin to match the visual and graphical advances achieved by our recent award-winning print redesign. With this online relaunch, Science will better deliver its cutting-edge research by consolidating article navigation and tools and providing quick, tabbed access to figures and tables. Our redesign will also help readers more easily share our information with colleagues and explore related content. Access from mobile devices will be better as well; we’ve retired our stripped-down mobile website and upgraded the main site to be fully responsive, which means it should adapt to all screen sizes.  Many of the changes are not visible, but improve our online infrastructure. While that’s not sexy, it will enable Science to have a much more dynamic website, allowing us to quickly create collection pages for hot topics, offer more news and research selections curated by our staff for various subjects of ongoing interest, and expand our delivery of graphics, photo galleries, videos, and quizzes.

We hope you visit the new website soon and often to enjoy our daily news coverage that complements the weekly journal and to explore our Science Careers section, recently strengthened by the arrival of our popular Working Life columns. Sign up for various newsletters that will alert you, daily or weekly, to our fresh online content—including our First Release papers that appear online-only initially (formerly known as Science Express). And later this year, we plan to offer even more pioneering research online, with the births of the latest members of our family, Science Robotics and Science Immunology. This is all a part of an ongoing transformation for AAAS, Science’s publisher, in which the society is striving to more broadly represent the scientific community and members of the public who support it.”


So give the relaunch a test ride around the block. Take a look at their videos, the 2015 Breakthrough of the Year (don’t know about “Homo naledi?” neither did we), made us reflect on all the phenomenal science mysteries that are still being pursued. We’re sure there are a few Science Detectives out there working overtime.

Or watch one of their slideshows, this one takes science and the art of “cartoons” to another level. Being pet lovers, how could we stay away from “Dogs Can Read Human Emotions.” We give that one five paws up, with a couple barks thrown in for good measure. And if there’s one topic EVERYBODY wants to know about --- it’s food allergies. This article asks if allergies are caused by over-active immune cells in the blood.

Those are just a couple of our favorites, but with a little investigation we’re sure you’ll find a few of your own.



The Welch Library Communications Team

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