Our Upcoming Welch December Podcast

Our next Welch Library podcast will be Dec. 7th and our guest will be Liz Neeley. Liz is Executive Director of “The Story Collider,” Later that day, she’ll actually be a guest speaker at Hopkins for a “Telling Stories About Science” lecture. 


For the past decade, she has been helping scientists around the world tell more compelling stories about their work. She is a member of the Advisory Board to the CommsLab at MIT.


A quick glance at Story Collider’s Podcasts reveal an assortment of personalities that you may be familiar with. We’ll be talking to Liz about how she “collided” with the “Telling Stories About Science,” and her work around the world as an Ambassaddor for the Story Collider. Our Podcasts aren’t live, but we’ll be sure to have our time with Liz posted on our website as soon as possible.


The Welch Library Communications Team

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