Patients @ Hopkins Soon To Utilize iPads

Upon first hearing that Hopkins patients will be given iPads to "keep tabs on their hospital care" the tendency is to react one of two ways. I think it's wonderful that patients can now be in-touch with their healthcare providers through such an interactive manner. Can't we all just appreciate the empowerment, the engagement and leave well enough alone?

Ahhhhh, but I did say we could react one or two ways, yes? And here's my beastly little Devil's Advocate flying into the light of day. Let me ask the obvious----couldn't this system be easily abused? There are voices here and there that suggest a careful and (dare I say) "patient" approach should be more in order. Is it such a leap to envision the dark side of Twitter or Facebook catapulting themselves into the relatively safe haven of personalized Healthcare? The overwhelming success of patient communities established and promoted by Social Media are positive developments, and this success may one day be the gold standard for how we receive Healthcare. Certainly the newly-created realm of patient advocacy and shared-information are such game-changers that they've invented an entirely new game. Yet, I overheard on an episode of Netflix's "House of Cards" --- "on Twitter when you say something to one person, you're saying it to a thousand people". Let's hope that Patients, Doctors and healthcare providers move into a renaissance of re-envisioned treatment and care. Minus the potholes and landmines that sometimes attend to the various cyberbullying elements associated with Social Media. 


Wanted to share this picture of our own Welch Service Center staff member Joe Martellotta. Joe can be found at Welch, or on Virtual Chat or moving here and there, between our Mt. Washington location and Welch, working on e-reserves, working at the WSC Desk, or even proctoring an exam. However, lurking underneath Joe's amiable personality and helpfulness you'll probably find-----more amiable personality and helpfulness. Joe can't help it. He was born that way. Chances are if you run across Joe in your travels, you'll see exactly the same qualities described above. Just remember: he can't help it.


If you care to share a comment about the article, feel free. Comments about Joe are welcome too.

Alonzo LaMont


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