#25 Podcast With Donna Vogel, Director Of The Hopkins Professional Development Office

Donna Vogel, Director of Johns Hopkins Medical institutions Professional Development Office (PDO) sat down with us to describe the many ways her Office can assist with a variety of resources and services to the Hopkins community. Donna laid out the role and direction of PDO in eloquent terms. A 2015 "must-listen" podcast. While you're at it, take a look-see at the PDO LinkedIn and Twitter page. Also, a little positive press coverage never hurt anybody. 

1) 1:35 --- How long have you been Director of the Professional Development Office?

2) 2:05 --- How did the Professional Development Office get started?

3) 3:34 --- What are the goals of PDO?

4) 4:20 --- Resources and Services that PDO provides (Donna breaks this down into "the four C's")

     A) 4:26 ----   Curriculum

     B) 7:43 ----   Career Exploration

     C) 11:55 ---- Consultation

     D) 12:20 ---- Communication

5) 13:20 --- Overall campus response to PDO

6) How has PDO developed over the years?


Alonzo LaMont


Audio (mp3): 

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