Primal Pictures Interactive Anatomy

Written by Carrie Price, Clinical Informationist with the Welch Medical Library

I'm always looking for tools to assist therapists and clinicians in their work.  Sometimes it's helpful to have something as simple as an anatomy tool to look at the bone and muscle structure of the human body.

Enter Primal Pictures, a superb 3D interactive anatomy tool, accessible from the Welch E-Resources tab of our home page:

Explore the regional anatomy from their home menu:


Use Primal Pictures to look at all the structures of the body.  Hover over the structure to learn more about it, or explore other structures in the 3D Views.  Add or remove layers to show nerves, veins, and arteries.

Images can even be exported for use in presentations and documents.  Primal Pictures also offers MRI data and movies that display the motion of a specific region.

Would you like assistance in learning to use Primal Pictures?  Contact your Welch Informationist.


Carrie Price

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