Profit & Industry Compromise Scientific Bias

This is the theory put forth by Daniel Sarewitz, and he zeroes in on Biomedicine as the chief culprit. However, you only have to look at any of the "latest findings," or "recent studies" to see other mounting evidence first-hand. A drug passes today, months later or several years later we're told it's actually no good. Or, it was actually bad. Or that certain involved parties received cash and there we go, off and running. We assemble the nefarious puzzle pieces almost by memory. The rush to get something to us was led by the same predictable forces: profit, herd mentaility and ---- well, some would say a certain arrogance. As in real life, people want to promote their careers. Isn't it easier to get behind data or research that's just a little more "flimsy" in nature. We like to think that scientists operate with an entirely objective MO but in the end, human nature raises it's all-too-familiar egotistical head. Aye-Yi-Yi, give me the simple life, my friends.

Alonzo LaMont

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