PubMed Relevancy Ranking

(Written by Victoria Riese, Welch Library Clinical Informationist)

PubMed has recently introduced relevance sorting for search results. When displaying your search results, PubMed defaults to showing your results by "the most recently added" to the database. Now, in addition to other options, there is the option to relevance sort. Sorting by relevance means that the citations that are most applicable to the topic you searched will show up first. When changing the display, make sure to click "apply" once you have chosen your "sort by" option. 

These preferences will stay in effect until after 8 hours of inactivity. 

How does PubMed decide what is the most applicable citation? You can read about how this works in the PubMed Help e-book.

If you have any questions about searching PubMed, contact your informationist!

Victoria Riese


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