Recent Development With Major Implications: Wikipedia For Medical Articles

We wanted to share the following announcement that appeared in the September 2015, MLA News (Vol. 55, Issue 8). 

“Are you a fan of Wikipedia? Do you like….or detest…the articles? Soon the editors of these articles will have access, at least in the area of health care, will have access --- FREE ACCESS --- to DynaMed Plus by EBSCO. In a July 2015 press release, EBSCO ballyhooed the venture, subtitling the announcement, “Trusted, verified content helps Wikipedia editors enhance healthcare entries and verify accuracy”. This complimentary access will allow editors to generate research, and verify information on pages dedicated to medicine, pharmacology, public health and similar topics. As many as 300 of the accounts will be granted to editors who have held an account at Wikipedia for more than a year and who have a history of editing pages, logging at least 1,000 of those. According to the announcement, currently 150,000 medical articles are posted to Wikipedia, supported by more than 950,000 references.” 


You can read more about this initiative, and feel free to dive into some information from Wikipedia.








The Welch Library Communications Team

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