Reflections On A Systematic Review Workshop

One of our NLM Fellows, Holly Thompson, did a little “field work” and reported back on the Systematic Review Workshop at the Pittsburgh Health Sciences Library. Below are Holly's observations on the Workshop.  


"Systematic Review Workshop: The Nuts and Bolts for Librarians"

The Systematic Review workshop hosted by the University of Pittsburgh Health Sciences Library was essential for building a strong foundational knowledge for conducting systematic review literature searches. I have had some exposure to systematic reviews over the years, certainly since joining the powerhouse team here at Welch, but I definitely had knowledge and procedure gaps. This workshop takes librarians through the step by step approach for managing a systematic review process from the very first team meetings to writing the search methods section for the manuscript. I especially appreciated the real-life examples the instructors provided showcasing the good, the bad, and the ugly of systematic review work. The “good” is being a part of a research team and driving the project forward with our contributions, the “bad” is managing the sometimes overly-high expectations that results in educating the team about the benefits of being thorough and comprehensive (everyone wants their project done yesterday), and the “ugly”, in my opinion, is the start and stop nature of these projects. Some projects that Welch has worked on have dragged on for years!


Having completed this workshop I feel much more empowered to be a member of the research team and to confidently contribute my expertise to a systematic review effort. I highly recommend this workshop for any librarian wading in to the systematic review waters.

Holly Thompson



(Submitted by The Welch Library Communications Team)



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