Resource Recommendations

Written by Victoria Riese, Clinical Informationist for the Welch Medical Library

You have so many resources. Which one should I use?

This is a question that I receive weekly from people around this campus. The Welch Medical Library has so many great resources and it can be difficult to figure out which resource to use. You can consult one of our subject guides, department guides, or specialty portals to see topic-specific lists, or you can contact your informationist and ask them for guidance.

Here are two of my favorite resources and why you should use them. They are accessible under Popular Resources on the Welch Library homepage.


Micromedex is used to get everything from dosing information, drug interactions, and it has a great drug comparison tool. Micromedex also contains calculators for Laboratory Values and Dosing, and it provides mobile apps for all of your devices.

This is an essential database for any in-depth drug or pharmaceutical search.  Embase thoroughly indexes the drug and pharmaceutical literature and indexes journals that originate across Europe and Asia (and not found in other databases). Embase is a standard database to search if doing a systematic review of the literature. It includes the indexed articles from Pubmed (from the Medline database) so you will see overlap between the two databases.

These are just two resources available to you through Welch Library. I highly encourage you all to contact your informationist for help with learning about all of our resources.  


Victoria Riese


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