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What’s That? You say you didn’t know Welch HAD a YouTube channel? The “proof is in the pudding,” my friends. Here’s just a small sample of what awaits when you venture into our collection.

Take a look at “The Evolution of Library Services” (part one) with Informationists Blair Anton, Stella Seal and Dr. Hamid Rabb, Nephrologist and Professor in the Johns Hopkins Department of Medicine. What comes to mind when you say “Librarian?” Or when you hear someone say “Informationist.” Is there a difference? Our esteemed trio offers some clarity. 

Can you distinguish between a literature review and a systematic review? Ohhhh, this is a goodie! Victoria Goode, Clinical Informationist, briefly explores the differences between these two often-confused review searches.

We’re not trying to create any YouTube addictions (we’ll leave that to the experts).…

We’re just passing along some resources and knowledge. 

Informationist Jamie Blanck takes us through “Full Text Access” and we’re all much the wiser for her wisdom, as full text access is a source of continual questions that come our way.

“Informationists Virtual Services” walks you through Instant Chat and Adobe Connect Meeting. Don’t have the time? Schedule has you on the go from morning to night? Spend a minute listening to our virtual services.

Want something a little lighter? “A Day in the Life of Welch Informationists” is a guaranteed “de-stresser.”

So go ahead, put us in your queue. Explore our collection of videos and perhaps you’ll discover something that helps you through your day. Who knows, you may even hear a rumor about the Welch Library getting a Facebook page.


Alonzo LaMont

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