The Road Ahead For Biomedical Research

Hope everyone's Holidays were stupendous! Or, that you at least survived any MAJOR family weirdness. Perhaps your joy fell somewhere in-between. So now that we're all present---let's jump right into the topic at hand. 

Part of the "fear factor" associated with modern science and research is usually attributed to doom-sayers who ALWAYS predict that if the government doesn't do this-or-that in terms of funding, we're lost as a civilization. Running counter to that is an idea who's time may have arrived......

Instead of creating or investigating new possiblities for funding, we're fed the woe-is-we declaration of our impending banishment from Thinking Society. I think the message the government is actually sending (whether we like it or not) is more like: you need to find somewhere else for R&D. Well here's a huge leap in that direction, and while it may not be entirely workable, it shows that someone's looking outside the box. Several Hopkins Faculty have looked into the biomedical research crystal ball and they predict more outside the box thinking as a very real possibility. Grants for research and development are traditionally the neat and tidy way to go about business, but in terms of medical funding "turmoil" (as an ongoing element) appears to be a constant that's not going away.


 Alonzo LaMont

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