SciENcv Update --- New Biosketch Format & An Upcoming Class On Research Data For Re-Use


The latest NCBI Insights show you how to use SciENcv to convert your existing NIH Biosketch from the old format to the new. This new format is required for grant applications submitted for due dates after May 24, 2015. And if you’re new to the SciENcv world, here’s some information we posted this past April.



Also, there’s news from our friend David Fearon, a Data Management Specialist at Hopkins.


Longtime Welch blog followers may remember a podcast we did with David back in 2012. He was just getting the word out about Hopkins Data Management. David is offering a brand new class that’s we’ve included on our class calendar. It’s coming up fast, so don’t sit on it, my friends. Here's a blurb about the class:

"How can you organize, document and package up your research data so that you or another researcher can make easy use of your data in the future? Perhaps you are finishing a research project and want to make the associated data usable going forward. Or perhaps after using data from someone else?s project, you vow not to let others be as frustrated when using your data! 

In either case this workshop is for you. This workshop gives researchers practical steps for preparing research data for re-use by themselves and others. Data Management Services will take researchers through several data preparation steps (e.g., data selection, organization, documentation, preservation), and introduce a spreadsheet tool that facilitates and documents those steps. Attendees can apply these steps for their own research project! This workshop is free to the JHU community and aimed at faculty and graduate students from all disciplines. Researchers at all stages of the research process are welcome to attend, whether they are just beginning or finishing a project, somewhere in between, or have a past project they would like to more thoroughly document, organize and archive."

If you’d like to register for this class, here’s your link You can also visit the Data Management site

Questions about Data Management? Send HERE!

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