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Welch Public Health Informationist Donna Hesson sent along this nugget that speaks to the “perils” of multitasking. No doubt, Donna witnesses the same multitasking warning-signs we all see everyday. Examples are everywhere: Your main focus loses out to all the other tasks you think you can handle. Or with teens, their “free time” with family is replaced by gadget-time. How about when your daily “to-do” list becomes your daily “to-do-right-now” list.  

Here’s the article, (I just love those “tentacle arms,”), and in case you’re wondering, yes there are easy solutions to attack this monster.

Informationist Rob Wright, who I’ve mentioned on a few occasions, sends this along about genomics

It would appear that Big Data has set off an alarm or two. 


 This is the article in PLoS Biology that the NATURE article references. 


The Welch Library Communications Team

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