Shifts in Academic Publishing Are Realized PLUS Another LAST GREAT THING

This short article bandies about a few ideas on the present and future of academic publishing. One of the central themes appears to be the current "revolution" regarding the inability of sustaining the "old model" of author/publisher relationship vs. the still-undefined future model. That future model appears to be shape-shifting around Open Access, but as they say, "the devil's in the details" and from the general tone and questions ---  complications surrounding that future model are in plentiful supply.   

Thanks once again to the Robin Sinn of the Scholarly Communications Group. 


And here's another LAST GREAT THING from the Welch Director of Facilities, and sometimes bike-riding pal (look for us on the next Bike Ride for MS on the Eastern Shore this Summer) Gary Faulkner. 

"Since becoming a granddad I have been able to give back to my grandson some of my childhood interests, the biggest one is model trains. I also like the real ones especially the steam trains. This past Oct. and again this January I went on a photographers special aboard the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad which leaves Cumberland and travel to Frostburg. This combines 2 favorite things photography and trains and not to mention just being outdoors. It’s not just a visual experience but also a smell, hear and touch something from the past."


Somewhere out there, Gary's grandson is enjoying the world of model trains, and all the imaginary "train travel" that comes along for the ride. We've had several LAST GREAT THINGS that relayed the magic of passing along, or sharing a joy from one generation to another. If that's not the stuff LAST GREAT THINGS are made of, I don't know what is. As I've mentioned, these GREAT THINGS come from  everyday life and, as you probably know, isn't it always those small moments that resonate in such big ways. Looking forward to one you may have to pass along.


Alonzo LaMont 


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