Some Friday Victories & More of THE LAST GREAT THING

Cancer patients have it hard enough, so "inconveniences" (and as we know there are no SMALL inconveniences with Cancer) such as difficulty with anti-cancer medications only worsen the entire ordeal. But Doctors from the School of Medicine have come up with a wonderful solution to personalize the chemo experience and help eliminate mistakes regarding medication. I call that Win-Win, by any standard.


More good news comes by way of Hopkins involvement with STEM education in Baltimore City Public schools.There's been such a STEM-push in the news and online, it's more than a little encouraging that city schools have a Hopkins component in making STEM education a priority.


And finally, more of THE LAST GREAT THING. I'm back to movies again, and this one has a serious BITE to it.  


I'm usually a fan of Denzel Washington, but if I had to pick a favorite movie it's probably not one that's on anyone's radar. That movie would be  "MAN ON FIRE"It's NOT an easy movie to watch. Director Tony Scott recently jumped off a bridge (yes, to his death), yet his cinematic resume shows a slew of hits that were both critical and commercial successes. But "MAN ON FIRE" comes from a dark place. It's a revenge movie that "takes you there". Where, you ask? That place where revenge is achieved at any price. There's a nobility to Denzel's portrayal, but his cool design and demeanor as he extracts vengeance reminds me of John Wayne in "The Searchers". Denzel delivers lines to his victims that are so casual, yet as we witness the finality of his intentions----he is without question the Man who's on Fire---there's almost a maniacal comedy at play. Again, this movie isn't a rom-com for a Friday night. But I'm continually amazed at the power behind "MAN ON FIRE".



Alonzo LaMont 

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