Spring Events Coming Your Way

Maybe all the recent events are behind us. Maybe they’ll be more to come. If Baltimore was a boxer, we’d be a boxer who could take a few blows and still keep coming. We’ve taken a few blows recently and we’re still standing. So for now, as our lives and city return to some semblance of normalcy, let’s look ahead to several upcoming events that bring a smile and let us enjoy life a little bit.

For this week, (coming up quick) May 15th is Bike To Work Day! There are Hopkins (Homewood and East Baltimore) locations to stop for meet-ups. Usually you can come away with a goodie bag of bike info, a few stickers and maybe get a cup of java and something to munch. 

The weather should be great, and talking with other commuters always provides that certain sense of fellowship. Pedal with pride, people.


Next week Hopkins teams up with the United Way to present “Dancing with the Hopkins Stars,” Tuesday May 26th

Among the participants is Elizabeth Tracey, our longtime Welch social media buddy and Hopkins podcasting/blogger majordomo, who’ll be tripping the light fantastic. You don’t dare miss the festivities. As the announcement says, the participants will be doing some rumba, salsa and tango for various charities. How can you beat that?

And Hopkins own Cognitive Scientist-Slash-Playwright (just one of the many artistic hats she wears) Monica Lopez-Gonzalez premieres her new play, “In Session” on May 29th through June 14th at Swirnow Theatre in the Mattin Center. Here are details. The improvised piano ALONE should make it must-see, and the plot seems chockful of mystery and intrigue. Do tell!


So that’s enough to keep us on our event “toes” for awhile. You can ride a bike (always a personal favorite), watch some spectacular dancing by folks you may know AND you can see a play that seems ready to invade some off-beat territory. My friends, it seems as though our cup runneth over. 


The Welch Library Communications Team

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