Summer Transitions Around Campus

As Summer winds down, it feels as though the east Baltimore campus moves into a new gear. No, I’m not trying to rush us through August. For some, there are still vacation days and even a major holiday coming our way. All the fun and frolic are still out there, but everyone knows when fall arrives it brings a new level of engagement and activity.

So while we’re still able to enjoy the last few weeks of playtime, let’s look at a couple of events Summer brought our way. With much fondness we bid farewell to our Interns Brigid Carney(below, left) and Keishawn Henderson. Their Summer internship with Welch ended, and their time with us came to a close.


Here---they bring a certain glow to our Welch Information table at the School of Nursing. They appeared to enjoy getting out and about around campus, and their chatter and observations were very refreshing. Hearing new voices give fresh perspectives about  working was always a delight. As we all did, both ladies found out that “going to work” was a concept that required some adjustment to their nocturnal schedules.


Yet they stayed in good spirits throughout their time with us. Perhaps because the coolest place (temperature-wise) in all of East Baltimore is in our very own Welch Library. Their Supervisor, Informationist Stella Seal, managed to keep them “on point” with a variety of daily tasks. We wish them good luck in the future. Brigid to Maryvale Prep, and Keishawn to Dunbar H.S.

Also, in case you didn’t know, Hopkins has a new farmer’s market and music spot located right down the road from the Welch Library on Wolfe Street. The Hopkins Science and Technology park has live music and fresh food on Wednesdays. I ventured down that way one steamy afternoon and stayed much longer than I planned. Can’t say which was best, the music or the food. 

                                                              Coming Attractions!

No, we don’t have any real movie trailers…..However, we’re excited to announce that if you happen to include the School of Nursing’s news and events as part of your daily reading (or even if you don’t it’s not too late to start!), you can now see Welch Updates on the School of Nursing’s Daily SON. (Don’t worry, we’re feverishly at work getting a Welch Library icon in place). We look forward to a wonderful collaboration. Nursing students are always very happy to stop by our information tables, and usually have lots of questions about what’s going on in Welch. So in response, we’re expanding our horizons. Also, in the near future, you’ll be able to find Welch information on the School of Public Health Intranet. You’ll be able to find your Public Health Informationists, watch tutorials, view library guides, and keep abreast of our RSS feeds. The site is not quite there yet, but when it happens we’ll be sure to let everyone know about it.

Now, if you happen to take part in our online Communications Survey and gave us your e-mail, or turned your e-mail  over to us at one of our Information Tables then you’ll soon be getting updates about classes, databases and relevant news items. If you’d reading this and would like to be included --- drop me a line:

And finally last, but by no means least, later in September we’ll be joined on our Podcast with the Dean and CEO of the School of Medicine, Dr. Paul Rothman.  We’re definitely looking forward to hearing Dr. Rothman’s thoughts on libraries and their evolution into the future.

We’ll keep you in the loop with all our upcoming endeavors. But if you haven’t already done so, get out there and enjoy the rest of summer!  

Alonzo LaMont



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