Troubleshooting Access Problems

(Written by Victoria Riese, Clinical Informationist at the Welch Medical Library)


Have you ever run into problems when trying to access the full text of an article? The Welch Library provides many resources to help you with your research, clinical and educational activities, so quick access to these resources is vital. If you do find yourself running into problems, here are a few reminders to help make the process easier.

1.       Always start at the Welch Library website: This is true whether you are looking to search in a database like Pubmed or connect to an individual journal or e-book.

2.       Speaking of Pubmed, it is very important to use the link from the Welch website because it is connected to the Hopkins Libraries' collections. You can go ahead and bookmark the link:

3.       If you are off-campus, make sure to sign in using an off-campus access option FIRST, and then you will be able to access the library resources as if you were on-campus. Need a refresher? Read this:

4.       If you are consistently having issues accessing a particular resource, be sure to email your informationist or use the "report an access problem" link on the Welch website:







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