Welch April Newsletter


Welch April news highlights arrive with the first blush of spring. Our Facebook, Latest News and Library Blog stories await your attention. We hope you find something to your liking.
1. Elsevier is now playing bully-ball with data. Yours, or anyone else’s. Not very sporting, if you ask me.
3. Answer me this: Who all went and perverted Open Access? Because we now have a distorted Pseudo-Academia and Pseudo-Science building up around it. 
4) Think you can just set up a template for a conference poster and design a website for it? This from our Library Blog says you should think again, Jethro.
5) We (Informationist Victoria Goode and Yours Truly) had a cozy sit-down with Johns Hopkins President Ronald Daniels. He was A Prince of a Fellow, to make time for us.
6) The Hopkins “Young Investigator’s Celebration” never ceases to amaze.
7) Those pesky journal logins & passwords can drive you bananas. Luckily Welch has all the keys.
8) The School of Nursing is all about handling crisis management.
9) Yes, Libraries are re-inventing themselves, Hopkins Sheridan Library is featured prominently in NATURE.
10) Hopkins Scientists get the discovery jump into curing ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). 
11) How could you miss our Podcast with President Daniels? Busy? Fido swallowed your smartphone? Fido swallowed your tablet? Well here it is again!
13)  Say you took a Library class, and somebody told you alllllll about searching skills, and data resources. Now you can’t remember a single thing about the class. Maybe that person was a Welch Informationist. Gee, it’d be great to contact them again! Like Magic---here they are.
14) Michelle Kraft, the Krafty Librarian, nails down the troubles of hospital Libraries. And explores a solution or two.
 The NY Times “Opinionator” asks “what scientific studies show.” The answer is a dose of realism.
Thanks for stopping by. Hope you can take something with you. See you again next month. 
Alonzo LaMont

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