Welch "Burn Calories, Not Gas" Bike Ride

We're scheduled to kick off our ride on May 18th. As fate would have it, that's also the official "Bike To Work" day. I'm sure Hopkins has a good many folks participating in Bike-to-Work, BUT, if you want to participate in OUR event----we'll show you just as good a time.

We're going to start at "One World Cafe" on University Parkway, and we plan on leaving between 8:15-8:30. One World opens at 8:00 and it will give you some time to stop in and pick up a juice or something. Since we'll be leaving a little later than you might be used to (or not), maybe you can give your supervisor and/or co-workers a heads-up. But I ask you, how can they put the kabash on such a healthy activity?!

There will be a sign-in sheet, and also a bike waiver sheet (in case you bulldoze into a bus, or heaven forbid, vice versa). Please bring a helmut! And check your tires the night before. Air is definitely a plus with bicycle tires. We can easily work our way to the Jones Falls Trail and make our way to Guilford Ave. From Guilford, we come down (take a shortcut on Madison) and come up on Monument. If you're uncomfortable riding on Monument, feel free to take the sidewalk. Going back home will take a little longer, since we'll be going back another route. (Madison Ave.- the quicker route tends to be tight and crowded during rush hour. I never go home that way. Will give you the going home route later).

If you have any questions or comments, let me know. No really, don't be a stranger. We'll ride with whoever shows up. Hope that it's you.

Alonzo Lamont


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