Welch Communications Looks Back --- And Takes A Step Forward

This is bigger than big! It’s larger than large! Drop some confetti. Toot some horns. It was five years ago the Welch Library blog was created. 


Feel free to send along a bottle of sparkling bubbly if you’d like. Did five years fly by JUST LIKE THAT? Apparently so, my friends.  As the saying goes, it seems like only yesterday. In honor of our 5th anniversary, in the weeks to come, we’ll feature a few articles from the "way back time machine." Keep in mind, five years ago we were just getting our feet wet.

First up, on May 26th 2010, our Associate Director for Clinical Informationist Services Director Blair Anton had some informative thoughts about Informationists, and their full-range of duties.


And while we’ve got your “undivided attention,” (is that a buzzing smart phone I hear in the background?) take a second to explore our BRAND NEW Social Media Team and Calendar.

The purpose is to give everyone an idea of who we are, and what we’re up to on a daily basis. Our podcasts, blog posts, Facebook posts, Twitter posts, Tip of the Day, Monthly Newsletter, Information Tables and Latest News will be on a schedule for all to see. And as it says, feel free to contact any of our Communications Team if you have a suggestion, or an idea that you think patrons of the Library or the Hopkins community at-large would appreciate.

So while we’re looking back at where we’ve been, we’re also moving forward in a way that places a bit more emphasis on organization and structure. This Communications business is no flash-in-the-pan, and if we can house it all under one great big tent --- that’s a win/win for everybody.  


The Welch Library Communications Team

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