Welch Contributes To "Doody's Core Titles"

Coming right on the heels of our chapter in “Difficult Decisions: Closing and Merging Academic Libraries"


                                              the Welch Library has made a literary contribution to yet another publication, Doody's Core Titles. The featured article, “rediscovering the Welch Medical Library” was authored by our Director, Anne Seymour, former Welch Informationist Victoria Riese, Public Health and Basic Science Informationist Rob Wright, Steven Katzen, a member of our Advanced Technology and Information Services team, and Alonzo LaMont, Welch Communications Specialist.














Great job once again! A pat on the back to everyone involved. The “backstory” for this article coming about started at the recent 2015 Medical Library Association conference. A representative from Doody’s saw our “reDISCOVER the welch Library” poster and thought it would make a great story. From this little nugget of encouragement the authors set to work on putting our “great story” together.

As we say over and over about our achievements, “we don’t like to brag, but…” Perhaps this phrase should be officially retired. Could our new motto be: “we like to brag.”


The Welch Library Communications Team

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