Welch Cranks Up Social Media

Lately, we’ve been getting notifications almost daily from people subscribing to the Welch YouTube Channel. This popularity hasn’t taken place overnight, and we are still very much in the “building our audience” phase. But, as we load more and more videos we seem to be gathering some momentum. Now, we don’t have a huge following at this point, but give us a little more time because a trend seems to be emerging. Patrons are realizing that we offer a pretty nice spectrum of “how-to” tutorial information that includes Scopus, CINAHL and the Web of Science.

Most recently Welch has tackled EndNote with gusto. Need help with EndNote’s change and move fields? Or how about importing records from PubMed? Need to find duplicates? I could mention a few more, but I think you get the picture. And if you need to know about the Hopkins Electronic Thesis and Dissertation project, we’ve got a video for that too. How about searching Catalyst? We recognize that our patrons probably have only a certain amount of time for research. And, that time may be surrounded by a thousand and one other tasks. As you already know, there’s a constant, continuous adjustment to how research protocols are designed and presented. As an example, the rules for RefWorks that you were familiar TODAY could now be completely revised TOMORROW. This is why we recently posted a new set of RefWorks FAQ’s (you can find it in our Latest News archives).

Along with our YouTube tutorials, next month we’ll sit down for our 20th podcast with School of Public Health Dean, Dr. Michael Klag. We’re always excited to hear what our Hopkins luminaries have to say. Previously, our podcasts with Dean Rothman and President Daniels provided great insight into how they view the future of medical research, medical libraries and how they see the Welch Library fitting into that design.   

What’s all this to say? We’re saying that our social media is a train cho-chooing down the tracks under a full head of steam, and we’re taking on all passengers. And while you’re at it, we try and keep our Latest News and Welch Tip of the Day as fresh and current as possible. Or perhaps you’d like to drop by our Facebook and Twitter pages. You’re always welcome to pay a visit.

In 2014 we’re looking forward to connecting you to Welch and the services we provide as much as possible. So if you come onboard for a ride, you’ll discover there’s plenty of room. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your time with us. We’ll try our best to do all the heavy lifting.  

Alonzo LaMont


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