Welch December Newsletter

 takes a look back at the last couple months, with a small peek into 2014. 


Stay warm out there.


The next time around: we'll have some holiday party pictures to share. 


Alonzo LaMont


Welch Medical Library Newsletter                                                 December 2014
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A Winter Welcome From The Welch Library!

Here we are in December, already! Everyone is probably furiously making those holiday plans. No down time from Thanksgiving ---- we all have to move quickly into more holiday planning, details and family doings. We don't want to slow your roll, so feast your eyes on several notable happenings from the past couple months. Also, on Dec. 11th at noon, Welch is sponsoring a "Patron Appreciation" holiday concert! 

Details are here

New and Upcoming Welch Classes

Take a glance at all of our upcoming classes. Coming up later this month are "RefWorks Advanced," and "PubMed: Search Like A Pro". Starting in January we have 8 new Welch classes. Count em --- 8 New Classes! And here they are:

1. Database Searching for Public Health                    

2. Database Searching for Basic Sciences                      

3. Data Source for Health and Medical Research

4. Data Management  

5. De-Identifying Data

6. Prezi   

7. Assessing Impact

8. Database Searching For Clinicians 

Our Podcast with Dean Paul Rothman

Dean Rothman had much to say about the direction of medical libraries and he also commented on the future path ahead for the Welch Library.



Our Renovation & More

Welch Informationist Victoria Goode and Communications Specialist Alonzo LaMont interview Dean Paul Rothman, Dean of the School of Medicine and CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Here is more...

Bringing Emotions Front and Center

Hopkins Physician Elizabeth Dzeng makes the case for the power of genuine emotions in daily medical life. And her appeal seems quite touching.



Some Patron Appreciation From Us to You
We wanted to send a some love to our patrons, and say thanks for following us along through our "journey". So here's a few words dedicated to you --- our loyal patrons.
A Historical Look Back At Welch

What did the library look like back in the 1930's? We have a few images to stir the imagination.


That that's it for now. See you in 2014. Don't get too busy out there. And by all means ---- watch out for your stress level. Yes, I know----easier said than done. We'll keep the news coming, and promise to keep you updated on everything that can make your work day just a little bit easier.
Alonzo LaMont


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