Welch December Newsletter - Stories Galore!


            New Year’s Greetings! We had so many great stories to end the year with, covering a WIDE range of medical/scientific territory. But, we also had some human interest developments that peaked everyone’s interest. So let’s look back at December, shall we……

1)      We had the first US patient treated with deep brain stimulation to help treat Alzheimer’s. They implanted pacemaker in the patient’s brain. Couldn’t they invent a “peacemaker” for the brain? I’m just saying…….

2)      Docs at Johnny Hops tried to undo the work that a gang did to boy in Bangladesh. Hint: it’s penile reconstruction, as hard as it is imagining that horror, the boy’s future appears to have all the makings of a miraculous recovery.  

3)      Is there something about light at night that causes Depression? And here we all thought it was darkness that scared the bejesus outta people.

4)      Read all about the “Edison of our Times” (“Edison” as in Thomas)

5)      The National Institute of Mental Health gives us their Letterman Top Ten Research Advences of 2012.

6)      A new burn management App created by Hopkins Physician.

7)      Welch had ourselves a holiday party! Oh those crazy mad Librarians. Practically need a SWAT Team to calm ‘em down.

8)      Catching a little flak about his use of “walk around crazy,” yours truly Alonzo revises and explains things in more detail. Did it work? You be the judge.

9)      Still time to apply for that Andrew Mellon Fellowship. C’mon Baby, you know you’re a Scholar deep down inside.

10)  Did you catch our Bioinformatics Video?

11)  Or even the final installment of “East Side Story?” It’s dark as all get-out, but audio works great, and you get a sense of the dramatic presentation. 

12)  A woman from Israel travelled to Hopkins to get the tumor in her jaw treated. This was another heart-warmer.

13)  Gluten-Free is not for everyone. So somebody’s gonna lose bragging rights.

14)  CBS gave us the latest breakthrough on robotic limbs.

15)  And for a giggle or two (or more) tweet yourself over to https://twitter.com/OverheardAtJHU


That’s all for now, hope there’s something in there for you. If you ask me, January will have to step it’s game up. As always, if you have something that YOU think deserves some mention, something that needs an audience----send it my way.

Alonzo LaMont



(In case anyone's interested, you can also follow Alonzo at my own blog, “Life of Alonzo”.  My blog is not affliated with the Welch Medical Library or Johns Hopkins, it has a Playwriting slant because that’s….as they say, how I roll. But I do stop by, I will most certainly enjoy the company.)

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